Binance Dual Investment Quiz Answers It is mandatory for any new Binance user to pass a knowledge assessment quiz before he subscribes to Binance Dual Investment So Try and win now

Binance Dual Investment Quiz All Answers

Q1) What kind of product is Dual Investment?

Answer: Investment product where users have a chance to sell high or buy low at their desired target price on the desired settlement date which does not guarantee a minimum return

Q2) What is the Target Price and Settlement Date in Dual Investment?

Answer: Target Price = the price at which I want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, Settlement Date = the date at which I want to buy or sell cryptocurrency

Q3) Once I subscribe, will my Target Price ever change?

Answer: The target price will not change once subscribed

Q4) I am hoping to sell my 1 BTC for 52,000 BUSD. I subscribed to the BTC Dual Investment “Sell High” product with a $52,000 Target Price to sell BTC. At the Settlement Date, the BTC price is $52,500. How much will I receive at the end?

Answer: 52,000 BUSD+ interest yield in BUSD

Q5) I am hoping to buy 1 BNB at 330 USDT. I subscribed to BNB Dual Investment “Buy Low” product with a $330 Target Price to buy BNB. At the settlement Date, the BNB price is $345. How much will I receive at the end?

Answer: 1 BNB + interest yield in BNB

Q6) What are the risks of Dual Investment?

Answer: The risk is that if the market price on the Settlement Date goes far below my Target Price to buy, I am buying at a relatively higher price and vice-versa

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