Learn & Earn Assured Crypto Rewards

1) Signup or login to your Binance account >> VISIT HERE

2) Must complete your KYC verification which is mandatory for collecting rewards.

3) Visit the learn & earn quiz page from the Binance app dashboard or visit here.

4) Take Beginner’s Guide to Binance Margin Trading quiz and 0.5 BUSD.

A Beginner's Guide to Binance Margin Trading Quiz All Answers

Q1. Margin trading lets you:

Answer: Amplify your gains and losses

Q2. What’s the benefit(s) of Binance margin trading?

Answer: All of the above

Q3. What’s the maximum level of leverage Binance Margin provides?

Answer: 10X

Q4. When receiving a margin call notification, what should you do?

Answer: Reduce your position to repay the debt or add more collateral into the margin account

Q5. Where do Binance Margin traders place their orders?

Answer: Spot market

Q6. What are the essential steps to start margin trading on Binance?

Answer: Deposit funds Into your Margin Account

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