Participate In The Kucoin Quiz and Win $3 ISP

1) Signup/login to your Kucoin account >> ENTER HERE

2) Take the quiz form and submit the correct answers along with your Kucoin UID

3) Follow KuCoin and Ispolink on Twitter as mentioned in the form.

4) The first 2,000 qualified users with correct quiz answers will evenly share 6 million ISP

5) Each qualified user will receive 3000 ISP tokens worth approximately $3. Activity period from 28th July 2022, 10:00 to 4th August 2022, 10:00 (UTC)

Kucoin Learn and Earn Ispolink Quiz All Answers

Q1) Which sign up methods are supported by the Ispolink dApp?

Answer: LinkedIn and Github

Q2) Which are the supported wallets in the Ispolink dApp?

Answer: MetaMask

Q3) Which blockchain networks are available in the Ispolink dApp?

Answer: Polygon and BNB chain

Q4) ISP is the native platform token of Ispolink, which are its main utilities and use cases?

Answer: All of the above

Q5) Ispolink is revolutionizing the future of work, by enabling Web3 talent sourcing in the Metaverse. Which Metaverses Ispolink has integrated in?

Answer: Sandbox & PaxWorld

Q6) Which set of features are shown on the user dashboard in the Ispolink platform?

Answer: Recommended Jobs, Wallet, Latest Notifications/Messages

Q7) What is the maximum number of users that can be referred through Github for Level 1 in the Ispolink platform?

Answer: 10

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity Rules

Quiz rules

  • 140 randomly selected participants who submit the form within the allotted time with ALL correct answers will receive 605 ACE each.

Question collection rules

  • 5 participants with the best questions will be selected to receive 920 ACE each and get answered during the AMA session.

Guess the ACE price on Kucoin rules

  • Users must guess the highest price of ACE/USDT (5-decimal precision) on Kucoin from 12:00 on July 29, 2022 (UTC) to 12:00 on July 30, 2022 (UTC). The first 30 participants who submit the form within the allotted time with the closest price guess for the ACE/USDT trading pair will receive 605 ACE each.

KuCoin Pre AMA Activity Quiz All Answers

Q1) In the process of learning about the technical requirements for building a full-scale metaverse, building on the Ethereum mainnet (Layer 1) would most likely address security but not scalability due to its low throughput of only 17 transactions per second (TPS), potentially resulting in extremely high gas fees. As a result, a new solution to run the ‘Your Earth DAO’ metaverse was proposed: a first-layer protocol built on the ACENT blockchain that would address all inefficiencies in existing metaverses.

Answer: True

Q2) Who are the partners of ACENT (ACE)?

Answer: KuCoin,, Slowmist & dAppstore (select all)

Q3) Which of the following is TRUE about the currently established ACENT products?

Answer: Select all (Option A, B, C & D)

Q4) Which of the following is FALSE about the ACE Tokenomics?

Answer: Reward users for participating in ACENT mainnet or Proof of Work (PoW) consensus on De-Fi activities

Q5) Which of the following serves as proof of implementation goals and key performance indicators that ACE has achieved until the current timeline? 

Answer: DAPPX to metaweb OS wallet authentication protocol POC

Q6) Users who pledge a minimum of 3,000 ACE will automatically earn  tokens. While those who pledge a minimum of 50,000 ACE will get 1 limited edition _____ NFT.

Answer: EDAO, Jetpack

Q7) Which of the following are some of the early user revenue models that will be implemented in Your Earth DAO (YED)?

Answer: All of the above

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