How To Participate In Kucoin Learn To Earn Quiz?

1) Signup or login to your Kucoin account. >> ENTER HERE

2) Visit here to take the Kucoin learn to earn fracton protocol quiz.

3) Unlock the quiz by completing a total trading volume of at least 50 USDT in the spot & futures markets.

4) After unlocking the quiz, submit the quiz with at least 80% correct answers.

5) Eligible participants will evenly share the prizes and rewards in 2 stages.

Stage 1: 25th July 2022 – 29th July 2022, 23:59 (UTC). HIBAYC will be given out as prizes and rewards.

Stage 2: 30th July 2022 – 3rd August 2022, 23:59 (UTC). HIPUNKS will be given out as prizes and rewards.

6) Prizes and rewards will be distributed on T+1 day. Activity period – From 25th July 2022 to 3rd August 2022.

Kucoin Learn To Earn Fracton Quiz All Answers

What can I do with a People’s BAYC?

Answer: Trade it on the market, redeem BAYC, or Meta-Swap it into hiBAYC.

What is a People’s BAYC Blind Box?

Answer: People’s BAYC Blind Boxes represent the pending state of People’s BAYC prior to a successful minting round.

Where can you trade NFTs?

Answer: Opensea

How many PUNKS Blind Box minting rounds can be launched at the same time?

Answer: 1

What will Fracton do if the Blind Box minting round you participate in fails?

Answer: Buy back hiNFT tokens (Price=1/1,000 of the Blind Box price; Quantity=1,000 times the number of Blind Boxes sold)

How can I participate in Minting?

Answer: Go to Fracton Protocol’s official website

How many CryptoPunks are there in total?

Answer: 10,000

Which is the standard for Non-Fungible Crew?

Answer: ERC721

Which standard does CryptoPunks use?

Answer: ERC20

What is Meta-Swap?

Answer: Meta-Swap is Fracton Protocol’s NFT fraction exchange aggregator

Can Blind Box minting prices change among different rounds?

Answer: It depends

Can a Blind Box minting price change within the same round?

Answer: No

How many times will Fracton fractionalize BAYC?

Answer: 2

What was Fracton’s first twitter post about?

Answer: A Mirror article

What is the transaction fee for hiBAYC tokens?

Answer: 0.2%

Where can you trade your hiBAYC tokens?

Answer: Uniswap

Which is the first NFT collection we fractionalized?

Answer: BAYC

How much is the tax for BAYC redemption?

Answer: 0.3%

Which is Fracton’s Twitter account?

Answer: @FractonOfficial

What is the smallest number of hiBAYC you can subscribe for?

Answer: There is no restriction

Which is Fracton‘s website?


At least how many hiPUNKS do you need to meta-swap a People’s Punk?

Answer: 1,000 plus a 0.3% protocol fee

If minting and purchasing of BAYC are successful, what can you do with a People’s BAYC Blind Box?

Answer: Both of the above

Which project has the longest history?

Answer: CryptoPunks

Where can you trade People’s BAYC?

Answer: OpenSea

How much is the tax for meta-swapping hiBAYC for People’s BAYC?

Answer: 0.3 %

Where can you trade hiBAYC tokens?

Answer: Both of the above

What is Fracton Protocol?

Answer: Fracton Protocol is a fractionalization trading platform for top NFTs

Which standard does People’s BAYC use?

Answer: ERC1155

What is hiBAYC?

Answer: hiBAYC is an ERC-20 token representing fractionalized ownership of BAYC

What is the least number of People’s BAYC you can mint?

Answer: 1

What does NFT stand for?

Answer: Non Fungible Token

Which of the following is not a place where you can trade hiBAYC tokens?

Answer: OpenSea

Which blockchain is Fracton deployed on?

Answer: Ethereum

Which is our governance token?

Answer: $Fracton ($FT)

Which of the following is one of our three goals?

Answer: Be a fully decentralized, permissionless fractions trading protocol

Which standard does hiBAYC use?

Answer: ERC20

How much is the transaction fee for hiPUNKS?

Answer: 0.2%

What is the slogan for Fracton Protocol?

Answer: Say Hi to every top NFT you love

Which type of NFT does Fracton Protocol focus on?

Answer: Top NFTs

Which is our project name?

Answer: Fracton

How can I get hiBAYC?

Answer: Use the Meta-Swap function on Fracton’s official site or buy them on the secondary market

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