Join Binance Play Game and Earn upto 100 BUSD Tokens

1. Download or Open Binance App >> ENTER HERE

2. Go to Dashboard & then Tap on Barcode Scanner From Upper Right Corner

3. Scan the Binance Play Game Barcode to Start Binance Play Game on your Device

4. You will automatically redirect to Binance Play Games & Invite Friends Page

5. There are total 3 Tasks Available where you can Play the Game or Join the Game Challenge

6. You need to Pay 0.5 BUSD to Join the Binance Play Challenge and achieve a score of at least 700 Points and earn Big. You need Total 3 Points to Enter the Draw so First Play Free Game and then Join the Challenge to Get 3 Points

7. You can Invite Friends and and Friend Completes the Registration and Do KYC and the Join the Challenge You will Receive 3 Points. After Having 3 Points You can Enter the Draw and Win BSUD Tokens

8. Here i receive 50 BUSD Tokens for playing Binance Play Game & Invite Friends Offer

 About Binance Play Game QR Code Win BUSD Offer :

  • Complete tasks to earn points during the event. For every 3 points, participants get 1 lucky draw chance Note: 1. Before participating, you must first register on Binance 2. Complete tasks Three tasks in total: Task 1: Player completes one game Task 2: Player joins tournament challenge and achieve a score of 700 Task 3: Invite friend to join the event Play game: During the event, user gets 1 point after completing a game. 2.2. Join challenge Tournament eligibility: Pay 0.5 BUSD to join the tournament challenge
  • After joining the tournament challenge, achieve a score of 700 to complete this task and also receive 2 points. Invite friends During the event, users can invite friends to join the fun by sharing the event poster Referrer will receive 3 points when the referee completes registration and personal verification during the event period.
  • Referrer will receive 3 points when the referee participates successfully in the tournament during the event. If the user’s improper behavior results in losses to the organizer, we reserve the right to pursue legal action. To claim rewards, you may need to provide the following information in the mini program: Binance OpenID, Binance profile picture, nickname, etc. Rest assured that these information will be lawfully processed. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions depending on actual circumstances. In line with the law, we reserve the right to interpret the terms and conditions circumstances.
  • In line with the law, we reserve the right to interpret the terms and conditions as well as provide supplementary explanation. We will do all we can to ensure that the event runs successfully. If the event is suspended or ends early due to specific reasons, we will not be legally liable unless otherwise stipulated by relevant laws and regulations. For queries, look for the Feedback button at the top right corner of the mini game page and send us your questions and feedback. Lucky draw rewards redemption Rewards will arrive at your reward center within 24 hours If users are found to engage in improper behavior (including but not limited to infringing upon the legal rights of a third party, cheating, disrupting the system, launching cyber attacks, registering multiple accounts, using bots to register accounts, using bots to simulate client server, etc.)

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