My family has always been particular about eating homecooked healthy food which is probably why I am obsessed with finding the most natural products out there. Being extremely health conscious myself, I follow a strictly balanced diet that gives me the right amount of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, etc. However, being a vegetarian and ensuring I have a good protein intake was quite challenging.

Following a healthy diet while living alone isn’t easy. I no longer have my family to ensure I eat healthy food and ordering online is just so hassle-free! But it didn’t gel well with my health. That’s when I decided to look for brands that could help me simplify my healthy eating experience.

When I first came across Native Milk, I was elated that they deliver to Pune and Mumbai! After reading so much about the benefits of A2 milk, I definitely wanted to give it a try but couldn’t find the right brand for it. Native Milk came with a 100% pure A2 milk certification! Reading more and more about the Native Assurance, through which they promise cruelty-free sourcing of the A2 milk, gave me the confidence that is the brand for me.

Native Milk is primarily an A2 milk service provider but their passion has led them to create a wide range of A2 milk-based products that makes all my meals so much healthier and extremely easy to make.

If you’re from an Indian household, you know that desi ghee is one of the staple items in the kitchen. Of all the things I learned from my family, one of the best lessons was that ghee makes everything better. So, I decided that A2 ghee will certainly form an integral part of my diet plan.

I tried the A2 ghee from Native Milk on some of my favourite dishes and here’s how it went!

  1. The infamous bulletproof coffee

I had my reservations about this but I love my morning coffee so I decided to amp up its health quotient by adding a spoonful of A2 ghee to my black coffee. The taste was so creamy and the coffee was extremely frothy that it instantly became my favourite 

  1. I added a spoonful of A2 ghee to the dal I made for lunch. It instantly changed the aroma and flavour of the dal and made it taste exceptional! I also added a little ghee to the plain rice and the aroma was just like the rice made at home. Just a little bit of ghee made my lunch taste extra delicious!
  1. I usually tend to feel hungry around 5 pm and I choose to eat some foxnuts as a healthier alternative to chips or other unhealthy snacks. This time, I roasted the foxnuts in A2 ghee and my favourite snack just got an upgrade!
  1. When I crave a cheat meal, I prefer a home-cooked sweet option. Though Native Milk’s ChennaPoda has my heart as a healthy dessert option, I also use A2 ghee to whip up some suji halwa (kesari) and enjoy my cheat meal in secret.
  1. I often have a very simple dinner. But by now, I worry about my protein intake. This is why I started getting A2 paneer from Native which came in 3 different flavours (Italian Herbs, Indian Spices and plain) so that I can say I eat something new for dinner every single day! I saute the A2 paneer with the A2 ghee and just know that my dinner is going to be extra flavoursome while being extra healthy.

As a vegetarian, getting the right amount of proteins in a day while ensuring the most seamless blend of authentic flavours has only been possible with Native Milk and its products. A2 milk and its products have helped me follow a healthy diet without compromising on the taste. I already see a difference in the amount of energy I have throughout the day, a healthier digestive system and maintaining the optimum weight by following this healthy diet! 

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