How to Participate in Binance Learn & Earn POLYX Quiz

Do note – The POLYX reward is only available to users who have never subscribed to Simple Earn Locked Products before 2022-12-07 09:00 (UTC). POLYX rewards will be automatically locked in Simple Earn Locked Products for 150 days, where users can enjoy 100% APR.

  1. Visit this Binance Learn & earn quiz webpage directly New Users of Binance can create new account from here >> ENTER HERE
  2. Login into your Binance account
  3. Go to homepage & you will see this Binance learn & earn quiz banner
  4. Click on that and New chapter of learn & earn BNB quiz will live from 2.30 PM IST
  5. start the quiz at same time & solve using below already solved Binance POLYX Quiz answers
Binance Learn & Earn POLYX Quiz All Answers

Q1) What is Polymesh built for?

Answer: Security tokens

Q2) Who are Polymesh’s node operators?

Answer: Regulated financial entities only

Q3) How large is the securities market?

Answer: Hundreds of trillions of dollars

Q4) Can you earn staking rewards with POLYX?

Answer: Yes

Q5) Polymesh falls into which category of blockchain?

Answer: Public permissioned

Q6) How is POLYX classified under Swiss law?

Answer: Utility token

Q7) What consensus mechanism does Polymesh use?

Answer: Proof-of-stake

Q8) What are the key pillars of Polymesh?

Answer: Governance, identity, compliance, confidentiality, settlement

Q9) What are the next steps for Polymesh?

Answer: Stablecoins, MERCAT, Integrations, NFTS

Q10) Polymesh is the blockchain of?

Answer: Making tokenization accessible to institutions

Details About POLYX Tokens

layer 1 public permissioned blockchain called Polymesh was created for security tokens, which are virtual contracts for portions of real-world assets. As a public permissioned blockchain, the network is open to all users. To participate in it, though, you must finish an identity verification procedure. All participants in the chain, including issuers, investors, stakers, and node operators, are subject to this verification procedure. Particularly, node operators must be authorised and authorised financial entities. This raises network security because these organisations run a higher reputational risk than anonymous individuals. Market participants can take use of the special advantages of private and permissionless networks thanks to Polymesh, which provides network trust without sacrificing transparency.

How does Polymesh works?

Stakeholders and node operators collaborate to validate blocks and secure the layer 1 blockchain. Blocks that are successfully validated by node operators are rewarded with POLYX, the utility currency for Polymesh. Node operators are staked with POLYX to boost their likelihood of being chosen for the validator pool every 24 hours. Stakers will get POLYX after node operators receive a commission of up to 10%.

Terms and Conditions Of Binance POLYX Quiz

  • The POLYX reward is only available to users who have never subscribed to Simple Earn Locked Products before 2022-12-07 09:00 (UTC)
  • Binance Simple Earn will return digital assets/digital currencies to users’ spot wallets at the end of the agreed subscription period.
  • Users can view their assets on Simple Earn Locked Products by going to Wallets > Earn > Simple Earn > Locked.For this activity, users may not redeem their digital assets/digital currencies in advance. All eligible users are required to complete KYC to receive rewards from this activity.
  • Illegally bulk registered accounts and sub-accounts shall not be eligible to participate or receive any rewards. Rewards are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Users can only claim the reward for each course after completing the respective quiz. There will be caps imposed on the amount of rewards available to eligible users per country/region. Eligible users may complete multiple quizzes to claim multiple rewards. Users will not be able to participate in this activity once all rewards are distributed. The actual value of the reward received is subject to change due to market fluctuation

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