Complete the task & complete the quiz inorder to be eligible for rewards of this quiz. We have updated the all answers of this Binance Twitter 10M Pop Quiz. You just need proper Twitter account to participate in this quiz

Binance Twitter 10M Pop Quiz All Answers

Which month and year did we create our Twitter account? :July 2017
What color is the Binance Card?Black , Silver
Which social media platforms are we on? :Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube only
What are the official Binance colors?Black and Yellow
Trues or False. Can you buy Binance merch? Yes You can
Which of the following are merch items we have? Select all that applySelect All
How old is Binance?5 Years
What do we call our Binance community?Binancians
Which building did we recently light up?Burj Khalifa
How many registered users do we have?God Knows

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