How to Win Free Apple iPad Air?

1. Play OpenCV AI Art Contest >> ENTER HERE

2. Create Using AI art generation tool Image Theme “Love, Art and Science” (JPEG/PNG format Minimum Size 512x512)

3. Submit Your Details Correctly. Upload Your AI art Generation Image. Lucky Winners Win Free an 
iPad Air and More Prizes.


First Prize Winner - Apple iPad Air The top 10 entries will get full access to our new course on AI Art Generation, when it is released. can’t wait to see what you come up with and are excited to see how our community of AI, art, and science enthusiasts can bring this campaign to life.


1. Create an image using any AI art generation tool with the theme “Love, Art and Science” (Minimum Size 512x512). Fill out the form below to submit your entry. Image: You must submit the AI Generated Image in JPEG/PNG format. Prompt: You will need to share the platform, the prompt, the seed and other settings used to generate the image so we can re-generate it ourselves for checking. Social Link: You can post the image on social media with the hashtag #OpenCVKickstarter4StableDiffusion and share the link with us. Do keep the prompt private from your social media post. 

2. Eligibility Criteria: Visit the Kickstarter Page and Click on Notify Me on Launch.  Deadline: 12th Feb. Midnight Pacific Time. Winner Announcement on 14th Feb.  Guidelines: Be creative. Be nice. Make people smile. This competition is not the place for art designed to shock or offend. No plagiarism, nudity, hatred, insensitivity or work reflecting lack of empathy

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