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Amazon Funzone Riddles Quiz Answers Today – Win 10000

Q1: What Starts With The Letter T, Is Filled With T And Ends In T?

Answer 1: Teapot

Q2: What Is Always In Front Of You But Can’t Be Seen?

Answer 2: The Future

Q3: What Goes Up But Never Comes Back?

Answer 3: Age

Q4: What Can Fly But Have No Wings?

Answer 4: Time

Q5: What Is Light As A Feather, Yet The Strongest Man Can’t Hold It For More Than 5 Minutes?

Answer 5: Breath

Q1: A Blue House Has Blue Bricks; A Yellow House Has A Yellow Bricks. What Is A Green House Made Of?

Answer 1: Glass (B)

Q2: What Month Of The Year Has 28 Days?

Answer 2: All Of Them (D)

Q3: What Can You Break, Even If You Never Pick It Up Or Touch It?

Answer 3: A Promise (C)

Q4: I Shave Every Day, But My Beard Stays The Same. What Am I?

Answer 4: Barber (C)

Q5: You Walk Into A Room That Contains A Match, A Kerosene Lamp, A Candle And A Fireplace. What Would You Light First?

Answer 5: The Match (D)

Q1: If I Have It, I Don’t Share It. If I Share It, I Don’t Have It. What Is It?

Answer 1: A Secret (A)

Q2: Precious Stones In A Pack Of Cards. What Are We Talking About?

Answer 2: Diamonds (B)

Q3: We Are Five Little Objects Of An Everyday Sort, You Will Find Us All In A Tennis Court.

Answer 3: Vowels (B)

Q4: Olympics Start With Me, And Tokyo Ends With Me. What Am I?

Answer 4: The letter O (B)

Q5: If 100 = 4, 1000= 8 Then 10000= ?

Answer 5: 16 (A)

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