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Amazon Quiz All Answers Daily Funzone February 4th 2023

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Which is the closest planet to the sun?\

The answer is - Mercury

Sweet potato is an example of a modified _____.

The answer is - Root

What is 10 times 10?

The answer is - 100

What plant is the main food for these animals?

The answer is- Eucalyptus

What is 15 times 15?

The answer is- 225

What is the hardest natural substance in the world?


What is the group of stars called that form an imaginary picture?


Who invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

When did India observe its first Earth Hour?


How many days are there in the month of January?


Which part of the bird lets it fly high in the sky?


Who invented the first functional telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

How many grams is a kilogram?


This is a picture taken at which national park, known for its population of this animal

Kaziranga National Park

What is 7 times 8?


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