There are so many deals and worthwhile things to invest in for traveling musicians. You might find

them in some unexpected places, and some might be totally overlooked due to your lack of knowledge

about equipment, getting promotional content, and your online presence. If you need some guidance,

here is an overview of what you could do.

#1 Getting your hands on the right equipment for the right price

You are going to need to know how to get the right deals for the right equipment. If you don't have

the right gear, your gigs are going to go downhill fast. So, you are going to need to make sure that you

re making the right financial choices when it comes to your speaker systems. With that in mind, here

are some great ways to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. 


Quality is always very important; however, it is also likely to be very expensive.

So, you should constantly be on the lookout for sales and discounts on quality brands to help you get

the most out of what is bound to be a very limited budget. You should also be doing plenty of research

into what you want – as buying the cheapest speaker out there isn't going to do much good,

and it can be a huge waste of your time if you are spending lots on a speaker you

don't know how to use. By getting a powered speakerfrom a quality supplier, for example, that you have spent weeks researching, you are more likely to get

exactly what you want at the price that you expect.


There is more to these big-name brands than meets the eye. You are going to look for reliability

This is because if you are a traveling musician, you are going to be moving the equipment from place to

place, and you don't want it to be damaged in the process. There is no point in it working amazingly in

one place but embarrassingly awfully in the next one. It can be a shame if you are playing in front of

many people or you are a street performer, and you need your speakers to work well consistently, but

they don't. You might only have one opportunity to impress, so make sure your speakers don't let you



You should also be looking into the practicality of the design. A traveling musician is going to need

something that they can carry around wherever they have to go. For example, this could be a speaker

with wheels and an extendable handle and a robust case that can put up with getting knocked and

jolted around in the back of a van as you wander around lost, looking for the next venue. These sorts of

things are essential to your way of life, so you shouldn't be cutting corners on any purchase you make.


#2 Realize the benefits of investing in professional photoshoots

These can be a great investment. Yes, they might be expensive, but they can help you in areas such as

your social media output, any promotional material, and also marketing your business online. It can

give everything a little boost, and it can help you to properly present yourself to your fans.

There are a lot of professional photographers out there that can do anything from simple, professional portrait photos to 'in action', event

photographers who will capture you 'in the moment'. 

Social media

Your social media posts are a free resource that you can use to bring in new audiences, so you will need to make sure that

you are putting effort into the content you post there. A professional photographer can help you with

this. They can help you to get the results that you want, and the good ones will listen to your ideas.

This can not only be great for the business side of things, but you might also feel that it helps get across

your aesthetic as an artist and allows you to express yourself properly to your fans in high definition. 


Your professional photoshoots can go towards promotional content on not only your social media but

also your website. You will also be able to hand out these photos for venues to help them market your

gigs a little bit more effectively. In addition, a photo shoot can be reused over and over again, so you

just need one to get a lot of promotional content that is high quality – but of course, this all depends on

what type of photoshoot you will be doing.


A photoshoot can also help you out on the marketing side of things and appeal to a certain audience. You will find that imagery does show a lot about you.

If you have one, you are giving your audience the chance to get a feel for who you are without hearing

a note. If you are showing photos from your performances, it can also give your audience a glimpse into

the experience they will get if they buy tickets to see you. It will also give venues a good idea of what you

will have prepared if you are inquiring about hiring you out. This can be important for marketing and

appealing to a certain audience, especially if you are a grunge or alternative artist. 

#3 Building your online presence for your business 

Your online presence an help with a lot of things surrounding your success as a traveling musician. If you are constantly out

and about and going around the world, you aren't going to be able to have an address to have people

come and see you. You are going to need to be highly reliant on a strong internet presence for people

to find you and come to your website. This can be essential to getting to the right audiences, meaning it

is well worth your time and your money to get right. 


A strong internet presence helps you with authenticity, and it can also help venues to research you more

easily. This can be important, regardless of how much you actually travel, and it can be an excellent

investment. Your social media, your website, and your reviews can all add to the authenticity of your business, and that can be essential to bringing in the right type of fan.

Reaching certain audiences

By investing in SEOyou can help your website to reach more of your potential audience.

You might actually feel that it isuseful to invest in a web agency that can help you with designs and SEO services and keep your website

maintained. This can be important to bring your presence to people's attention when they are looking

for a musician to hire for an event, or they want to see something that you do, or they have seen you

performing out and about and want to know more about you. 

Final thoughts

You will find that you will get great results from putting the time into finding the best deals on the best

equipment, such as speaker systems, to help your music sound amazing wherever you happen to be.

You will also find that investing in your online presence can help you to become more accessible to new

audiences and listeners. In addition, working with professional photoshoots can be a great way to get

your money's worth of promotional and marketing material and give you some high-quality content for

your social media pages. 

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