UPI lite wallet

UPI Lite wallet is a lightweight and easy to use mobile wallet that allows users to send, receive and store payments using their mobile number. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It provides a convenient way to pay bills, make purchases, transfer funds, and more with the ease of a mobile number. Users can easily manage their money using this wallet by setting up account balance alerts, transfer limits, and more. The UPI Lite wallet also supports multiple payment methods such as credit cards, net banking, and E-wallets such as Paytm

Benefits of UPI Lite on Paytm

  • Easily manage your funds and make payments. Paytm UPI lite is a secure payment solution developed by Paytm
  • No need to install any software or provide your card details. No hidden charges, no monthly subscription. Paytm UPI lite helps you transfer money directly from your bank account using your Aadhaar number and password
  • Transfer money to anyone in India with a simple phone call or by sending an SMS. Hassle-free, real time transactions made easy with the help of fingerprint authentication. Easily manage your daily expenses and organize cash flow

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use UPI lite on Paytm.

1. Open the app and select PayTM > Funds > UPI LITE. >> ENTER HERE

2. Enter the Aadhaar number, PIN, and KYC details and then tap on Next.

3. Select One Time or Monthly Plan from the drop-down menu and enter the amount you want to transfer.

4. Confirm the payment information and then tap on Next to proceed to the next step of Payment Verification Process.

5. Enter your mobile number, name, and email address in the fields provided and click on Verify Phone Number to complete the verification process.

6. Once verified, you will be taken to a screen showing your current balance in UPI LITE wallet as well as how much money has been transferred into it by other users in the past seven days (or one month if you selected Monthly Plan).

7.  Get Started to open up UPI LITE’s full set of features such as Receiving Money, Sending Money, Settling Balances, etc., which you can use for free for 7 days (or 30 days if you selected Monthly Plan). After this time period is over, you will have to pay Recharge Amount using any Paytm wallet or credit card for using UPI lite again

8. You can also send money from your bank account or any other source with any amount without paying anything extra using OTP/Secretcode feature available in UPI LITE .

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