How to Get ₹300 Dr. Vaidya’s Products for FREE from Growfitter

1. Download Growfitter app here >> ENTER HERE

2. Open the app & complete the registration, Use referral KANTUOMS code to earn exciting rewards up to Rs 1 lac.

3. Go to Challenges section > You will see this Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurveda quiz

4. You need to solve at least 5 questions to win ₹300 gift card. I have already solved this quiz , thus providing you the question and answers below

** questions can be in different order in your account

Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurveda quizAnswers
1. What are the benefits of Dr. Vaidya’s Plant Protein?All of the Above
2. Dr. Vaidya’s Aloe Vera Juice is good for which of the following-All of the Above
3. What is the meaning of Ayurveda?Knowledge of life
4. Which type of products does Dr.Vaidya’s provide?Ayurvedic
5. Fill in the blank- Dr.Vaidya’s new age____Ayurveda
6. Which statement is correct?Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems
7. For cough & cold, which of these will
you take?
Kadha Sips
8. You can get weight loss & weight gain products on Dr.Vaidya’s store. True or False?True
9. Is Amla a key ingredient in ChyawanprashYes
10. What are the benefits of Protein
All of the above
Growfitter Dr Vaidya’s ayurveda quiz answers

5. You will receive ₹300 gift card code instantly

6. Visit this page link –

7. Purchase any product (currently ₹300 products are out of stock , but keep checking , stock is coming regularly). You can purchase Chyawan Toffees pack of 2 worth ₹398

9. Apply the code , Final price will be ₹98 only + there is no shipping charge

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