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CoinDCX TLOS Quiz All Answers

Question 1. TELOS is a/an _________ compatible blockchain.

AnswerEVM (Etherium Virtual Machine)

Question 2. What is a T-Starter?

AnswerIt’s a platform to discover all projects built on the Telos network.

Question 3. Telos is capable of carrying out ___ TPS (Transaction per second)


Question 4. What is a unique feature of staking $TLOS Token?

AnswerStaking the percentage of the total $TLOS unlocks as much network resources.

Question 5. Standard transactions on telos network like buying & selling are _______?

AnswerDone Almost without Fees.

Question 6. Telos tokens holder can lease their non utilized resources?

AnswerTrue, They can lease resources to developers and earn from it.

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