Contests are regulated in India by the Prize Competitions Act, 1955. Under this law, certain types of contests are allowed, while others are prohibited or subject to specific conditions. In Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes (Prohibition) Act, 1979, regulates the conduct of prize schemes and contests in the state.

The Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes (Prohibition) Act, 1979 prohibits any kind of prize competition or scheme that involves betting or wagering, or that requires any payment or purchase to participate. The act defines a prize competition or scheme as any competition, game, puzzle, or other similar activity that involves the distribution of prizes based on chance or skill.

The act was enacted with the objective of preventing illegal lotteries and other forms of gambling, which were prevalent at the time. The law has been interpreted broadly to cover various types of contests, including those that involve skill-based activities such as quizzes or puzzles.

The act provides for penalties for the organizers of prohibited contests, including imprisonment and fines. It also provides for seizure of the prize money and other assets related to the prohibited contest.

In summary, contests are not allowed in Tamil Nadu if they involve betting or wagering, or require any payment or purchase to participate. This is to prevent illegal lotteries and gambling activities and to protect the public from fraudulent or unfair practices.

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