Learn about the Graph protocol and get 7 GRT Rewards are already fixed and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and they can claim the reward only after completing the quiz

Binance Graph GRT Quiz All Answers

Q1. What is The Graph protocol?

Answer: A protocol for accessing, organizing, and querying blockchain data

Q2. Who are the key participants in The Graph ecosystem?

Answer: Indexers, Curators, and Delegators

Q3. How does The Graph address the issue of accessing blockchain data?

Answer: Through its decentralized architecture and indexing capabilities

Q4. How does GRT contribute to the network?

Answer: By incentivizing participants and paying for queries

Q5. What are subgraphs in The Graph?

Answer: Open APIs that map and organize data from different blockchain networks

Q6. What is the role of Delegators in The Graph protocol?

Answer: To secure the network and expand Indexer operations

Q7. What do Delegators do in The Graph ecosystem?

Answer: Delegate their GRT to trusted Indexers and earn rewards

Q8. How does delegation contribute to The Graph’s ecosystem?

Answer: By allowing non-technical individuals to participate and earn rewards

Q9. How does The Graph transform our interaction with the decentralized web?

Answer: By making blockchain data more organized, efficient, and reliable

Q10. How does The Graph contribute to a more transparent and efficient data marketplace?

Answer: By organizing and making blockchain data accessible

Q11. How does The Graph improve the accessibility of blockchain data?

Answer: By deploying open APIs, called subgraphs

Q12. Which role in The Graph protocol ensures data availability and reliability?

Answer: Indexers

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