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Amazon Quiz All Answers Daily Funzone December 23rd 2023

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Which state in Australia has chosen not to be the host of the 2026 Commonwealth Games?

Victoria (D)

In June 2023, which country briefly banned the film 'Adipurush'?

Nepal (B)

The world’s most prized variety of which fruit, called Miyazaki, is sold at up to Rs 2.75 lakh per kg?

Mango (A)

In which West African country is this animal featured prominently on the national emblem?

Ivory coast (A)

The Andromeda Galaxy is also known as?

Messier 31(C)

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1) How many minutes are there in an hour?

Ans: 60

2) How many moons does the Earth have?

Ans: 1

3) Name the hardest substance available on Earth

Ans: Diamond

4) Which number comes after 999?

Ans: 1000

5) The chemical formula of water is H₂O. True or False?

Ans: True

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