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Fighter Quiz Answers to win rewards upto ₹110

Who plays Squadron Leader Minni Rathore in ‘Fighter’?

Answer 1: Deepika padukone

Who plays Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania in ‘Fighter’?

Answer 2: Hrithik Roshan

Anil Kapoor’s character Rakesh Jai Singh holds which rank in the IAF?

Answer 3: Group captain

Who is the director of ‘Fighter’?

Answer 4: Siddharth Anand

Fighter’s soundtrack album is composed by which music duo?

Answer 5: Anand-milind

What’s the release date of the movie ‘Fighter’?

Answer 5: 25th January

Merry Christmas Quiz Answers to win rewards upto ₹110

Who plays Anjali in ‘Merry Christmas’?

Answer 1: Katrina Kaif

Which of these Tamil actors appears in ‘Merry Christmas’?

Answer 2: Vijay Sethupathi

Who is the director of ‘Merry Christmas’?

Answer 3: Sriram Raghavan

Merry Christmas’ is scheduled to release in theaters on which date?

Answer 4: 12th January

Who is the music composer of ‘Merry Christmas’?

Answer 5: Pritam

Who among the following appears in ‘Merry Christmas’?

Answer 6: Vinay Pathak

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