Measuring shoe size accurately is important for ensuring a comfortable fit. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to measure your shoe size and convert between Euro, US, UK, and Indian footwear sizes:

Measuring Your Shoe Size:

  1. Gather Materials:

    • A piece of paper larger than your foot.
    • A pencil or pen.
    • A ruler or measuring tape.
  2. Prepare Your Foot:

    • Wear the type of socks or stockings you plan to wear with the shoes.
    • Sit on a chair and place the paper on a flat surface.
  3. Trace Your Foot:

    • Place your foot on the paper, ensuring it's flat and your heel is against the wall.
    • Hold the pencil or pen perpendicular to the paper and trace the outline of your foot. Make sure to keep the pen straight and snug against your foot.
  4. Measure Length and Width:

    • Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the heel to the longest toe. Measure both feet and use the larger measurement.
    • Measure the width by taking the widest part of your foot.
  5. Convert Measurements:

    • Refer to a shoe size chart specific to the brand or region you are purchasing from. Different brands may have slight variations in sizing.

Shoe Size Conversion:

Euro to US/UK/India:

  • Euro sizes are generally straightforward. For example:
    • Euro 38 is roughly US 7.5 for women and US 6 for men.
    • Euro 39 is roughly US 8.5 for women and US 7 for men.

US to Euro/UK/India:

  • For women, US size 8 is approximately Euro 38 and UK size 6.
  • For men, US size 10 is approximately Euro 44 and UK size 9.

UK to Euro/US/India:

  • For women, UK size 5 is approximately Euro 38 and US size 7.5.
  • For men, UK size 9 is approximately Euro 43 and US size 10.

India to Euro/US/UK:

  • Indian sizes are often similar to UK sizes. For example:
    • India size 6 is similar to UK size 6, Euro 39, and US size 8.5 for women.
    • India size 9 is similar to UK size 9, Euro 43, and US size 10 for men.

Remember that these conversions are approximate, and it's essential to check the specific sizing recommendations provided by the shoe brand you're interested in, as sizing can vary. Additionally, trying on shoes or checking the brand's size guide is always a good idea when possible

UK/IndiaLength (in cm)Brand SizeEuroUS


If you are not sure about Shoe Size, do following steps

  1. First place your foot on a blank sheet of paper. 
  2. Make one mark at your longest toe and one marking at the backside of your heel.
  3. Next you have to measure the length in centimeters of your foot between these two markings.
  4. Now compare the value to our measurement chart to know your shoe size. 
Here are some AI tools that can measure your shoe size
  • mySHOEFITTER: This tool uses a photo of your foot to determine your shoe size.
  • MS ShoeSizer Foot Measurement: This tool uses a photo of your foot to create a 3D model and determine your shoe size.
  • Findmeashoe: This tool uses a photo of your foot to determine your shoe size.
  • SizeRight Mobile App: This tool uses a photo of your foot to determine your shoe size.

Some Size Examples

  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 4, then length is 23, brand size is 36, Euro is 36, US is 5.
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 4.5, then length is 23.5, brand size is 37, Euro is 37, US is 5.5. 
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 5, then length is 24, brand size is 38, Euro is 38, US is 6. 
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 5.5, then length is 24.25, brand size is 38, Euro is 38, US is 6.5. 
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 6, then length is 24.5, brand size is 39, Euro is 39, US is 7. 
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 6.5, then length is 25, brand size is 40, Euro is 40, US is 7.5. 
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 7, then length is 25.25, brand size is 40.t, Euro is 40.5, US is 8.
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 7.5, then length is 25.5, brand size is 41, Euro is 41, US is 8.5. 
  • If in UK or INDIA, size is 8, then length is 26, brand size is 42, Euro is 42, US is 9. 
  •  If in UK or INDIA, size is 8.5, then length is 26.25, brand size is 42.5, Euro is 42.5 US is 9.5. 

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