How to Play Amazon FZ Runs Quiz?

Search ‘FunZone‘ in search of the Amazon app  >> ENTER HERE

Funzone page will open & you can see the ‘FZ Runs‘ Banner There will be games like Daily Jackpot, Daily Quiz, Weekly Jackpot, Weekly Quiz On completing each game, you will be rewarded with FZ Runs Daily Jackpot & Daily Trivia games you can play daily & earn 30+ FZ Runs from that.

After collecting enough FZ Runs, You can redeem them as

  • ₹5 Pay balance from 250 FZ Runs
  • ₹10 Pay balance from 750 FZ Runs
  • ₹25 Pay balance from 1500 FZ Runs
  • ₹50 Pay balance from 2500 FZ Runs
  • ₹75 Pay balance from 3000 FZ Runs

Amazon FZ Runs Quiz Answers Today 

In which city can you find the Taj Mahal?

A. Agra

Which city used to be known as Bombay?

A. Mumbai 

Which city does the Ganges river flow through?

D. All of the above

Which city is known as queen of Arabian Sea?

B. Kochi

Mumbai and Hyderabad are both UNESCO cities. True or False

A. True

Amazon FZ Runs Daily Jackpot Quiz Answers

Question – In which year did Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff make his Test debut for England?

Answer is – 1998

Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Jackpot Quiz Answers

Question – How many players in a cricket team?

Answer – 11

Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Quiz Answers

  1. Who is known as the “Master Blaster” in cricket?
    Answer – C. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. How many bails are there on a set of cricket stumps?
    Answer – A. 2
  3. Which cricket format is known for its fast paced, shorter matches typically lasting 3 hours?
    Answer – A. T20
  4. Which cricket team is known as the “Men in Blue”?
    Answer – A. India
  5. In cricket, a century is a score of 100 or more runs in a single innings by a batter. True or false?
    Answer – A. True
  1. FZ Runs Daily Jackpot: This quiz is available daily, allowing participants to win Up to 30 Runs. To participate, you have to answer 1 question correctly.
  2. FZ Runs Daily Quiz: This quiz is also available daily and is focused on Cricket related questions. The participants who give the correct answers will get free runs that can be redeemed for Amazon Pay balance. Win Assured 20 Runs from Daily FZ Runs Quiz.
  3. FZ Runs Weekly Jackpot: This quiz is available every week and allows participants to collect free Runs. The quiz consists of 1 question, Earn Up to 100 Runs.
  4. FZ Runs Weekly Quiz: This quiz is similar to the daily FZ Runs quiz, but the questions come differently every week. The participants who answer correctly get free runs that can be redeemed for Amazon Pay balance.
Amazon Pay Balance will be credited to you in 24-48 hours. You can check your Amazon Pay Balance from ‘My accounts’ section on the Amazon app.

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