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Binance Futures Quiz Question 1

Question: What is the maximum loss that may occur when engaging in futures trading?

Answer 1: All futures wallet balance

When futures balance is liquidated, what price is it based on?

Answer 2: Mark Price

Are you aware that after the future is forcedly liquidated, in addition to the loss of the position, Insurance Clear Fee (= Position nominal value * Liquidation fee rate) will occur, which may decrease your futures wallet balance to zero?

Answer 3: Yes, I am aware of the existence and calculation of the Insurance Clear Fee and the risks that may cause the balance to return to zero. 

There is a maximum number of orders for each future. Which action should I take?

Answer 4: Once the maximum quantity limit is reached, the order will fail, and an error will be reported, but I believe the order will be placed successfully if I try as many times as I can.

Which of the following apply when using a stop-market order?

Answer 5: After the stop-profit and stop-loss price is triggered, the transaction will be executed immediately at the market price, and the transaction price may not be equal to the trigger price.

Which of the following is correct to use Stop-Limit Order?

Answer 6: After the stop-profit and stop-loss price is triggered, the order will be placed at the limit price immediately, but the limit order may not necessarily be filled because the price has moved away.

    What kind of behavior should I avoid when engaging in futures transactions?

    Answer 7: Strong gambling, trading addictions, continuous losses, and blaming others.

    To continue trading on the futures, I have:

    Answer 8: Understood the rules and risks of engaging in futures transactions, and I agree that any loss incurred in the transaction is my responsibility regardless of the platform.

    Profit and loss (PnL) in futures are calculated by:

    Answer 10: After closing a position, according to the opening price and closing price to calculate actual profit and loss.

    Futures fees include:

    Answer 12: In addition to the order commission, positions also produce capital expenses and liquidation expenses.

    In Coin-margined futures trading, what kind of currency can be used as margin:

    Answer 13: The currency of this future.

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