For inexperienced players, slot machine jargon may be perplexing. To help you comprehend all of our how-to slot tutorials, we have prepared an authoritative guide to the terms commonly used in the context of video slots, online slots, and casino slot machines. It's critical to comprehend all you learn about this intriguing casino game, from slot machine kinds to features and symbols. To help you understand how mega888 slots operate, we've broken down some of the best phrases in our glossary of slot machine jargon. 

Voucher or ticket 

After a player withdraws their winnings, the paper coupon prints. It may get used to continue playing at another slot machine and serve as currency at that machine. Additionally, you may swap these for actual cash at any of the property's kiosks or the casino cashier. 

Bonus on the second screen 

a bonus game that appears above the primary screen and moves the action to another screen. By offering players options and other side games, these frequently provide them the potential to win extra rewards, maybe even a jackpot. 


In this configuration, the player doesn't need to continuously press the "spin" button on a slot machine; instead, the reels spin automatically. The reels spin automatically with auto-play for a predetermined period. And they continue to spin for a predetermined number of spins with topspin. 

Virtual Reel

Virtual reel technology enables the random number generator (RNG) to select more non-winning combinations at random than winning ones without installing extra reels. The virtual reel was the answer devised by slot machine inventors, who had to lower the odds of winning to provide higher payouts. 


This card has rules on it. It details the number of reels and pay lines in the game and the symbols you should search for. To be informed while playing, you must check the paytable. RTP and maximum payout information are here as well. 

Cold slot 

This phrase is a holdover from when slot machines had a coin-holding limit before they had to pay out. It is no longer applicable for the many mega888 slots because of their RNG software, but the word gets used to refer to jackpots, which frequently exhibit some pattern in the magnitude and frequency of their winnings. A chilly slot machine has either paid out lately or is not far from achieving its typical payout amount, meaning that it is not likely to pay out again very soon. 


It is a holdover from the early days of slots when the reels get spun by the player by pulling a lever on the side of the machine. This component of a slot machine has become outdated due to modern technology. Still, some machines retain a lever as a relic from those earlier models. A contraction of "slot machines."  The phrase refers to the possibility that in the past, one might rotate mechanical equipment by pulling levers on one side. 


Players can maintain specific lines on one spin and then "hop" onto another on this machine. Players now have a better chance of achieving highly sought-after combos, which might lead to victories. 


One of the few methods to finish a victory using a collection of symbols is through clusters. A victory usually requires three matching symbols. And the cluster, the more you may win. You may learn everything there is to know about the potential winnings from this slot machine's pay table. 


Third-party suppliers are the creators of the games available on the website. These seasoned slot machine creators consistently create new games with the technology. On our platform, developers include well-known companies like Blueprint, IGT, Big Time Gaming, and Pragmatic Play for up-and-coming companies with complete licensing and frequent third-party testing of their games.


The preferred supplier of gaming machines for gamers worldwide is Novomatic. It created gaming items that are available both online and offline, and they stand out for their vibrant designs and stellar reputation. Not to mention the traditional status—it's possible that you've been playing at Novomatic casinos without even realising it!  

In summary

Before proceeding to the slots, a player might wish to become comfortable with these fundamental phrases. But try not to become overwhelmed by terminology. Instead, become familiar with the fundamentals, be prepared, and enjoy yourself.

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