This detergent is a single-use laundry detergent solution that comes in the form of pre-measured shots. Its three chambers smart technology provides advanced stain removal, long-lasting fragrance, and care for fabrics with each detergent pod. 100% STAIN REMOVAL: These Surf Excel Washing Liquid Smart Shots make laundry easier. This laundry detergent liquid will remove all stains from ketchup stains, mud blemishes, and food spills to paint spots  with ease, leaving your clothes fresh and spotless.Now get it at Flat 55% off Surf Excel 3-in-1 Smart Shots Liquid Detergent at Rs.199

 SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: This 3-in-1 Smart Shot washing liquid uses superior technology to penetrate the clothes better and remove stubborn stains, delivering clean laundry. Its three chambers combine advanced stain removal, fragrance, and fabric care, ensuring that your clothes smell and feel fresh. EASY TO USE: The Surf Excel 3-in-1 Smart Shots cloth washing liquid is easy to use and provides the features of three different products in one smart shot. All you need to do is place the smart shot in an empty washing machine drum before adding laundry. FRESH FRAGRANCE: With Surf Excel 3-in-1 Smart Shots liquid detergent, your clothes will not only get washed and cleaned thoroughly but also smell fresh. These smart shots are a one-stop solution to all your laundry needs  eliminating the need to juggle multiple products for laundry. KEEP IN MIND: Do not press, pop, peel, cut, or bite into the smart shot. This Surf Excel Smart Shots washing liquid is not recommended for handwashing clothes or pre-washing them in a bucket. Do not store this product in direct sunlight. Keep this product out of reach of children

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