Steps to Enter Vietjet Air Love Connection Contest Win 100 Air Tickets

  • STEP 1: Visit the website: 
  • STEP 2: Register a new account by using participants’ information or Facebook/Google account. Participants will then receive the verification code.
  • STEP 3: Post 01 entry (up to 1,000 words and 5 photos, each of which does not exceed 5MB, or 1 video, each of which does not exceed 200MB). Then, choose a specific flight route in which participants wish to experience the journey with Vietjet, and click “Submit” to send contest contents to the organizer.
  • STEP 4: Once successfully submitted, our admin will check to approve or decline your entry following our restrictions within 24 hours. When the entry is successfully approved/declined, an email will be sent to the participant’s registered e-mail account to inform the participant.
  • STEP 5: Participants share their approved entry on Facebook with the hashtags #vietjet #loveconnection to get more votes by clicking the “Share” button. Votes will be counted for registered accounts on the website only. After sharing, participants have to update the shared link on their profile. After fulfilling all required steps, the entry will be marked as approved.

Vietnam Romantic Trip for Selected Couples

  • What if you could fly to a dreamy romantic vacation with your partner for free? Participate in the Love Connection contest, and win a free flight tickets to Vietnam Share  your love story with us, and go on an unforgettable romantic honeymoon with your partner.

Vietjet Air Love Connection Contest Participation requirements

  • Participants share their love stories and express their desire to explore new destinations with their husband/wife/partners, and share photos of a couple traveling together. Share your journey from India to Vietnam depending on Vietjet’s flight schedules.
  • Participants can write their stories in English or Hindi (up to 1,000 words and 5 photos, each of which does not exceed 5MB/1 video which does not exceed 200MB) and share their entry once it is approved on their social network (Facebook) with the following hashtags: #Vietjet #Loveconnection Entries approved by the Organizer will receive an announcement via email. After fulfilling all required steps, the entry will be marked as approved. By entering, entrants represent and guarantee that they own the rights of the picture submitted, and sharing it does not violate the rights of any third parties.
  • Photos must be of good quality and suitable for the program; no crude, political, religious, or offensive photographs and content (in the applied destination country) will be accepted. Participants whose unique and meaningful entries have received the highest number of votes on the contest website and their personal social networks, and who have been selected by the Evaluation Board, will be awarded the Love Connection 2024 return flight tickets India - Vietnam. Based on your chosen route, this is a return flight ticket that include all fares airport tax & surcharges plus 7kg of carry-on bag and 20kg of checked luggage. Participants must comply with the Conditions of Carriage, self-prepare all visa applications and accommodation, all means of other transportation. In case of any modification, winners have to pay extra fees based on flight terms & conditions.
  • - Participants are required to have a personal email and Facebook/Instagram account and must be followers of Vietjet Facebook/ Instagram fan pages.
  • - Only one entry is allowed per account holder.

Contest Duration

  • 1st Period 22Feb - May 31st, 2024, June 20th, 2024: Organizer announces the winners. 2nd Period August 1st - November 30th, 2024 December 20th, 2024: Organizer announces the winners.

Prize Details

  • Period 1: 25 pairs of Vietnam - India return tickets for 25 couples
  • Period 2: 25 pairs of Vietnam - India return tickets for 25 couples

Vietjet Air Love Connection Contest Result Announcement

  1. After receiving the final results, each winner will be notified by email/telephone while results will also be published on the website. Before claiming the prize, the winner must provide his/her correct name, address, telephone number, and scanned passport at the time of notification within three (3) days. The Organizer will contact the registered email of the winners to announce they have win and send supporting information so they can claim the prize within 10 working days from the announcement date. If a winner cannot be notified within three (3) days, or does not timely inform the organizer with the correct information to claim his/her prize, then the prize will be awarded to an alternate winner with the next highest score, selected from the remaining valid entries. According to the preferred flight route of participants, the organizer will choose the flight route for participants; the route will be confirmed 15 working days before departure

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