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What does the signal refer to?

  • Answer: Give Way

What do you understand from this signal?

  • Answer: Left Curve

While driving at night, is the use of interior light of a vehicle legal?

  • Answer: It's against the Indian traffic rule.

What does this signal mean?

  • Answer: Narrow Bridge Ahead

What kind of prohibition is this?

  • Answer: No U Turn

On which side the road walkers can use the road?

  • Answer: Can walk on the right side of the road

What is the speed limit of a vehicle through the school zone?

  • Answer: 25 Kmph

What does this sign tell to us?

  • Answer: Steep ascent ahead

What is the normal speed limit of a vehicle on national highways?

  • Answer: 110 Kmph

What does this signal stand for?

  • Answer: No Pedestrians Allowed

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